It’s our business to help yours grow

Here at Gibby Media Group our purpose is for your growth. With our first time package deal, we’ll get you on social media, television, and on your own custom website.

Your first time package will include a video that we’ll film, edit, process, and render. Below are examples of videos we’ve made for happy clients.

All of these items are included in your package

  • Your business filmed professionally
  • Storyboard creation for the video
  • Script carefully crafted to show off your business
  • Assorted array of filming equipment with professional direction
  • Drone footage, captured with high quality cameras
  • Professional editing using today’s high end software
  • Voiceover describing your business
  • Text effects, layering, and animations in the video
  • Up to sixty seconds of high quality rendered video
  • Web traffic optimization
  • Advertisement slots in television
  • Google ads placement
  • Advertisements on Instagram
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • A fully hosted website
  • Website backend accessible by you
  • Visually pleasing web design
  • 5-6 High quality pages on the website
  • Google search optimization
  •  Fast loading website
  • Completion in up to 6 weeks

We know the business

Since 1977 Gibby Media Group has been on the forefront of media creation. With our knowledge of both legacy recording equipment and techniques, as well as our ability to leverage modern social media and filming styles, we can make your business stand out from others.

Professional Websites

We will build you a custom website that will not only attract customers, but also let them hear your story, keeping them interested in what you have to offer. Our servers will host the website, allowing for fast webpage loading and traffic handling for when your site gets busy. Stand out with a website carefully crafted by our professional web designers.

Claim this package for $6,000 $5,000

We’ll come to your location to learn all about your business and become someone you can trust. With over 50 years of experience in the advertising industry, we’ll make sure every shot is perfect to present your brand as something people will always want to come back to. Let’s show off your hard work in growing your fruits of labor.

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