Finnoe Design – US Bank Showcase & Seattle Convention Center


We had the privilege of working together with Finnoe Design and Fabrication on a few video demonstrations, centered around their incredible work on various important, high-profile projects. One of those projects was the Seattle Convention Center, set to open sometime early 2023.

This project truly shows the work and effort Finnoe and his team put into these massive, incredible projects, how tightly they run their large-scale operations, and the collaborative work they put in alongside American Bridge, another well-known fabrication company.

Here is the primary showcase we worked with Finnoe. It also involves another high-profile project, the US Bank Center in Seattle, and was a collaborative effort with Andersen Construction.

These projects were an absolute treat to work on and gave us the opportunity to see and showcase the efforts of an extremely talented team of people.
We anticipate more great collaborative efforts with Finnoe and their team in the future.

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