We the People Calendar – A Timeless Ride through History


We’ve had the great opportunity to work with the We the People Calendar project; a digital and print calendar, with both website and video support, that uses QR codes for an incredible interactive experience. Each month, information and historical events which took place during that month are relayed through short one-page documents featuring quotes, comments, facts, imagery, and engaging dialogue. On top of that, each month features a visual treat; a short video, produced by us, that highlights one or two specific events in history, with footage and detailed accounts included.

History has never been more fun to explore.

Gibby Media has developed the official website for the project;


Here, much of the content from the calendar can be seen and interacted with, including months in the archive. The site’s design is simple and effective, allowing for intuitive access to all the calendar’s features.

The benefit of this calendar is that, no matter how or when you access it, its information is timeless; making it an incredible valuable tool for teaching, learning, and even entertainment.

Here is our featured video, introducing the calendar:

Here’s also a short video highlighting the month of February:

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